Our Mission

Our mission is to break down financial barriers and empower individuals from all backgrounds to benefit from the transformative impact of coaching.

Our Philosophy

As coaches, we believe in the significance of giving back without imposing a hefty price tag. And, by helping others grow, we do too.

Our Value

Authenticship bridges the needs of our three populations – so everyone wins! 

  • COACHES – As coaches, we love our job. We believe in the significance of giving back without imposing a hefty price tag. And, by helping others grow, we do too.

  • CLIENTS – Traditional coaching is not financially practical for one-third of the US population. We provide coaching for everyone.

  • ORGANIZATIONS – Grassroots, local, and even national organizations may not have the budget or capacity to supply coaches to their employees or community. That’s where our national network of trained and credentialed coaches can help!


Celeste Mayer - Co-Founder

Celeste started her career as a nurse and went on to earn a PhD in Human Factors Psychology and merged the two in a leadership position in healthcare focused on safety and team performance.  After retirement, she pursued her curiosity and desire to continue to help others and became a coach with a passion for coaching teens and Gen Z. All along she felt a pull to help both new coaches gain confidence and experience, as well as help those who might not be able to afford coaching. The realization that this was bigger than she alone could do and the happy serendipity of the coaching relationship with Ashley lead to Authenticship.


Ashley Gibson - Co-Founder

Ashley has spent the past 25 years working in Silicon Valley, with the most recent 15 years spent in executive leadership positions in digital health. Ashley’s passion for coaching began when he was working in the tech industry. He saw how coaching could help people to achieve their goals, both personally and professionally. With experience in  building marketplaces for global brands, he realized there is an opportunity to create a platform matching mission driven coaches willing to offer free or heavily discounted coaching, with those who would not normally be able to benefit from coaching.


Vanessa Hagerbaumer - Advisor

With a focus on events and marketing, Vanessa has dedicated herself to supporting mission-driven organizations and startups in NYC over the past 15 years. Leveraging her expertise in experience creation, community development, and multi-disciplinary coaching training, Vanessa is deeply committed to empowering women to make their unique impact on the world. Authenticship allows her to return to her roots, collaborating with mission-driven orgs and extending the transformative power of coaching to individuals in an equitable manner. Through this work, Vanessa strives to create meaningful connections and inspire positive change.


Gina Torres-Perryman - Advisor

Gina grew up in Coach Beach, FL watching Space Shuttle’s launch.  Her background is in higher education as an international student advisor and success coach. She has worked many years with diverse populations including: immigrants, non-traditional students, international students and English language learners.As a coach Gina enjoys going through the self-discovery process with her clients.  She partners with them as they work through designing the life they want.  Thus, she considers herself a “Life Design” coach. 



We deeply appreciate sponsorship from Kathleen O’Grady, MCC, CALC and Founder & CEO of Authentic Leadership Advisors.  This support is especially meaningful to many of us at Authenticship, as we got our foundational training in Kathleen’s Certified Authentic Leadership Coach Training program.  Thank you Kathleen for your endorsement of our mission! 

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