Has life coaching gone off the deep end?

I came across a fascinating article last week highlighting scams that have proliferated in some quarters of the Life Coaching industry. The article highlighted instances in which some coaches had preyed upon vulnerable clients, who, in one example, ended up paying out thousands of dollars to an unscrupulous coach.

Given that barriers to entry for this emerging sector are very low while the need for coaching is ever growing, it’s not entirely surprising that life coaching has attracted its share of charlatans. As a coach and a founder of a coaching resource platform, I’m concerned about scammers giving this important service a bad name and potentially fomenting mistrust of the industry as a whole. And of course, scaring off those who could benefit most by using a professional to help them navigate change in their lives.

At Authenticship, a coaching platform that I co-founded in January 2023, we focus on finding professionals who are inspired to coach in order to help others. They are motivated by outcomes, not income. For that reason, they all offer low-bono – or even pro bono coaching services. Additionally, all our coaches have undergone ICF training  and/or have have gone on to earn advance certifications under the rigorous International Coaching Federation standards. To help clients navigate change and bring clarity to important decisions, our coaches often specialize in discrete areas of expertise, for example, in helping nurses, teachers, or social workers. We work with many mission-driven organizations to bring the benefits of coaching to their members.

One of our clients had this experience.

‘My coach guided me in unlocking and discovering my full potential. She mentored me in the creation of a personal statement/vision that will be used moving forward in alignment with my goals. Her guidance and coaching were literally life changing. Words cannot express my gratitude for Cathy and the time she spent meeting with me.’ – Morgan Wood

The value that coaching brings to an individual can be amplified when used throughout an organization. Offering coaching organization-wide can be a cost-effective way to align teams, improve communication, address workplace conflicts, and enhance problem-solving. If you are part of, or know of an organization that is mission driven and that would not normally be able to benefit from coaching due to cost (commercial rates typically start at over $100 an hour) please reach out to me.

Ashley Gibson, Co-Founder, Authenticship

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