Our coaching process starts with a needs assessment to tailor a program for your goals, audience, and preferences. We then design the program’s length, number of sessions, and select the perfect coach. You choose how you pay our coaches (hourly, by your organization, or employee expense) at a rate significantly discounted from market value (20-50% off).We help you launch the program, track progress, and ensure it delivers results. A final report summarizes achievements,feedback, and suggests future coaching opportunities

LEAD Coach

SBTDC - Lead Program

The Small Business and Technology Development Center (SBTDC) is a North Carolina organization that provides management counseling and educational services to small and mid-sized businesses.

The SBTDC LEAD program is an intensive program that helps participants learn more about themselves as leaders and build skills to effectively lead others and manage change. Participants have the option of being paired with an authentic executive coach, who leverage a genuine connection to help leaders discover their strengths, navigate challenges, and inspire teams for greater success. 

Most of the SBTDC LEAD coaches are full-time professionals who use their coaching skills within their organization, have their own external coaching practice, or do both.

Hope Renovations

Hope Renovations

Hope Renovations is a nonprofit organization that empowers women and seniors to build brighter futures. By providing hands-on training in construction trades, Hope Renovations equips women with valuable skills, opening doors to fulfilling careers with strong earning potential. This not only fosters financial independence but also boosts confidence and self-sufficiency.

Beyond technical skills, Hope Renovations offers career and life coaching through Authenicship, guiding women through their career change, building strong resumes, and developing the soft skills necessary for workplace success. This comprehensive approach empowers women to not just land construction jobs, but to thrive in them,achieving long-term career satisfaction and financial security.

Hope Renovations is committed to creating a positive and inclusive environment for all participants.

Outward Bound

Outward Bound USA, the leading provider of outdoor education programs since 1962, empowers young people to explore their potential through wilderness expeditions and local initiatives. Authenticship complements this mission by offering life, leadership, and career coaching specifically designed for Outward Bound’s dedicated staff. These personalized programs cultivate well-rounded individuals who can better serve your organization and its participants.

Coaching equips the staff with effective communication and conflict resolution skills, enabling them to navigate challenges and inspire program participants with greater confidence. By investing in employee growth through Authenticship coaching, Outward Bound cultivates a team that is not only resilient and adaptable but also brimming with leadership potential, ready to empower the next generation of young explorers.




We deeply appreciate sponsorship from Kathleen O’Grady, MCC, CALC and Founder & CEO of Authentic Leadership Advisors.  This support is especially meaningful to many of us at Authenticship, as we got our foundational training in Kathleen’s Certified Authentic Leadership Coach Training program.  Thank you Kathleen for your endorsement of our mission! 


Gain a fresh & objective
viewpoint on challenges &
goals. See new possibilities &

Develop self-belief &
resilience. Gain clarity to take
bold actions & make
confident decisions.

Acquire effective tools,
techniques, & customized
approaches to overcome
obstacles & maximize your

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