As a new coach, fully prepared to coach others, you will need to gain experience in order to receive your coaching certification. This can often prove hard to do – finding clients is not easy, especially when self-promotion and marketing require time, skill and experience that you may not have. We are here to help you as you start your new career.


The most common starting point will be a training course accredited by the International Coaching Federation. Costs typically start in the thousands of dollars all the way to tens of thousands. Once training is complete, a coach is ready to take on clients. But in order to achieve certification, they will need to gain experience, starting at 100 hours. 


ICF offers three credentials, corresponding with the quantity of education and experience required to earn it. The credentials are:


Associate Certified Coach (ACC) – Completed 60 hours of coach specific education and 100 hours of client coaching experience


Professional Certified Coach (PCC) – Completed 125 hours of coach specific education and 500 hours of client coaching experience


Master Certified Coach (MCC) – Hold or have held a PCC Credential, completed 200 hours of coach specific education and 2,500 hours of client coaching experience



Sign up as a coach. Once we have verified your coach training, we will publish your profile to the website. You will be eligible to receive an Authenticship badge you can place on your website or professional profile anywhere (for example LinkedIn). Potential clients will be able to find your profile and will contact you directly, using the contact form on your page. Then it’s up to you. We only ask that you honor our sliding scale.

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