Double the Impact: Mission-Driven Leadership Coaching on a Budget

Do you lead a mission-driven organization but struggle to afford leadership coaching for your team? You’re not alone.  Many nonprofits and social enterprises face tight budgets, yet strong leadership is crucial for achieving their impactful goals. Here’s the good news: we founded Authenticship to help organizations such as yours. 


At Authenticship, our mission-driven coaches are passionate about social good, and offer their services at a discounted rate to organizations with similar values. This equates to a fraction of their regular commercial rates. This creates a win-win situation: leaders receive high-quality coaching, and coaches contribute to positive change.


Why is Leadership Coaching Valuable for Mission-Driven Organizations?

  • Sharpened Focus: Leadership coaching helps leaders clarify their mission, set strategic goals, and ensure everyone on the team is aligned towards achieving them.
  • Increased Impact: Coaching equips leaders with the skills to navigate challenges, manage resources effectively, and maximize their organization’s social impact.
  • Empowering Teams: Leaders learn to motivate and inspire their teams, fostering a culture of collaboration, engagement, and ownership of the mission.
  • Sustainable Growth: Coaching helps leaders develop essential skills like fundraising, communication, and conflict resolution, ensuring the organization’s long-term sustainability.

We survey our clients and our coaches to continuously improve our service. Our coaches have been instrumental in helping their clients improve themselves. Morgan’s testimonial talks the the life changing potential of coaching.


“I was amidst many personal and professional turning points and needed help finding direction. Cathy evoked conversations that provided explicit answers on who I am, my core values, my drivers and drainers, and most importantly – how to stop saying “I’m Sorry” and reduce the people-pleasing mentality. She guided me in unlocking and discovering my full potential. She mentored me in the creation of a personal statement/vision that will be used moving forward in alignment with my goals. Her guidance and coaching were literally life changing.”

Morgan Wood


Leadership coaching doesn’t have to be a luxury for mission-driven organizations. By leveraging the passion of our mission-driven coaches, you can unlock the full potential of your leaders and create an even greater social impact.


Take action today!  Start your search for a mission-driven coach and empower your leaders to drive positive change. 


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