What Is Coaching

Coaching is a genuine and human connection at its core. Expect to feel that. A coach’s focus is unwavering, listening deeply and asking questions that arise from that listening. All of this is done with a profound appreciation of you just as you are. A coach can quiet the internal voice and be there with you without any judgments or opinions about what is best. It may feel emotionally powerful for you, as many of us don’t have the time to give or receive such deep listening. 

Alternatively, it may feel more like “Hmmm, that was interesting, I’ve never thought of things like that before.” Coaching is not therapy, nor is it advice-giving. You won’t be asked probing questions about your past, nor will you be given advice on what to do in the future. Instead, coaching will help you come to your own understanding. The experiential nature of coaching can provide insights that will continue to benefit you in the future.

Take The Next Step

So what’s next? You can select from coaches on this page or go to our Browse Coaches page which allows you to search using a variety of criteria to find the perfect coach for you.  All of our coaches offer a complimentary session to get to know each other so you can both determine if it is a good fit. And each and every one of our coaches adheres to the Authenticship sliding scale to ensure that coaching is affordable. Coaching is now mostly virtual, so if you can’t find a coach close to you, don’t worry, our coaches can provide their services in all of the United States.

Our Coaches