Vanessa Hagerbaumer

Transitions, burnout, imposter syndrome, time management, perfectionism, finding fulfillment.

About Vanessa Hagerbaumer

Hi, I’m Vanessa. I’m a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and to date, I’ve supported over 200 executive and life coaching clients globally.

I understand the unique challenges you face in today’s demanding workplace. Inspired by my own corporate journey and the nagging feeling that I wasn’t making the most of my unique strengths, my programs help you recalibrate unreliable strategies of perfectionism, striving, and self-criticism to break free from the cycle of burnout, stress, and self-doubt in order to live and work more sustainable, joyful, and fulfilled lives.

What sets me apart as a coach is my structured approach. Together, we’ll create a Personal Development Plan, providing you with a clear roadmap for our coaching journey, while delving deep into who you are and what you truly want.

My unique toolkit includes training in CBT and emotional intelligence, and a “laser-focused” approach (coach-speak for: targeted, results-driven, and tailored to what’s unique and significant about you and your situation.)

With me as your guide, you’ll gain clarity on your goals, develop a plan of action, and cultivate the skills and tools necessary to achieve your dreams.

Prior to coaching, I led experiential projects at organizations such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art and WeWork for 15 years. When I’m not coaching, I’m an aunt, artist, traveler, and exceptional maker of salads.


Pro Bono and Low Bono Coach

Pro Bono Coaching and Low Bono Coaching

All our coaches are members of the Authenticship pro bono coaching network. They offer coaching services at a significantly reduced rate or completely free, with a focus on supporting individuals or organizations with limited resources or facing specific challenges. It’s a way for experienced coaches to give back to the community and use their skills to make a positive impact. 

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