Katherine Merchat


My background is in large tech companies where I work as a coach. I love helping clients who are open to self-reflection and are curious.

About Katherine Merchat

I started my career in sales at large tech companies and realized my favorite part of the job was coaching colleagues.  Ever since then, I have been honing my craft as a coach, through 1:1 and group sessions.  My goal is to work with clients who are open to self-reflection and curious.


Pro Bono and Low Bono Coach

Pro Bono Coaching and Low Bono Coaching

All our coaches are members of the Authenticship pro bono coaching network. They offer coaching services at a significantly reduced rate or completely free, with a focus on supporting individuals or organizations with limited resources or facing specific challenges. It’s a way for experienced coaches to give back to the community and use their skills to make a positive impact. 

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