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About Jane M Floyd, PsyD

Dr. Jane M. Floyd blends her 20 years of experience as a change management facilitator, knowledge of organizational development and executive coach within several global fortune 500 companies representing the fields of retail, manufacturing, finance and most recently large academic settings.  Jane returned to school as a second career and completed her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology to expand her knowledge in human behavior. Her post doctoral studies at Duke Integrative Medicine afforded her the chance to work within the full spectrum of academia and a holistic medical setting.

As a coach, Jane’s calm, inviting demeanor creates a space in which her clients feel
comfortable being open and vulnerable while working through tough challenges. Her OD
experience in change management allows her to facilitate individuals and teams to unlock their hidden EQ and servant leadership skills for improved goal sharing of the organization.  Driven by a deep curiosity about each of her clients as unique individuals and whole beings, Jane seeks to understand what makes them distinct, motivates them and brings them joy. Her training as a clinical psychologist helps her clients break out of old habits, conquer thought  patterns that are holding them back and take action to realize their full potential. She has a unique ability to pose insightful and thought-provoking questions.


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Pro Bono Coaching and Low Bono Coaching

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