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Kelli Hendrickson, ScD, ACC, is both a Researcher and a Career and Leadership Coach.  After receiving her doctorate in Ocean Engineering from MIT, she joined the MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering as a Research Engineer working on multiscale computational modeling with applications in the realm of Naval and Ocean engineering.  Kelli’s path to coaching began when she realized how much she enjoyed her role as a mentor and advisor at MIT, and began her coaching journey in 2019. She earned her Associate Certified Coach designation from the International Coaching Federation in 2020 and now works with people with STEM backgrounds to create career pathways that they enjoy.  She currently holds dual research positions at MIT and UNC-Chapel Hill and is President and Founder of Pathmakers Coaching.


Pro Bono and Low Bono Coach

Pro Bono Coaching and Low Bono Coaching

All our coaches are members of the Authenticship pro bono coaching network. They offer coaching services at a significantly reduced rate or completely free, with a focus on supporting individuals or organizations with limited resources or facing specific challenges. It’s a way for experienced coaches to give back to the community and use their skills to make a positive impact. 

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