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About Ellysa Smith

Ellysa Smith serves as Chief Human at CuraHuman. CuraHuman is about cultivating and caring for your whole human, especially at work to create transformational cultures. She identifies as a Choiceness Coach to empower each leader to reach their full potential. She is a Maverick Curator Engagement Lightkeeper of Exquisite Beings with a purpose to develop workforce engagement culture.

At Curahuman we believe every exquisite being in the world contributes to the success of a community goal with their whole selves and we reactivate choiceness to care for your human. As Chief Human at CuraHuman, Ellysa will Coach Human. She chooses to embrace being human, leading with trust, then innovation. Her work is going to foster better leadership at all levels curating, engaging, and lightkeeping culture at work. It starts with the individual who is willing to be vulnerable, face uncertainty, and cure their human to show up as their best self.

Embedding her New York attitude into her coaching leadership style, Ellysa boldly leads others building trusting relationships for teams to innovate and grow together in unity. Ellysa has shined in her decade Human Resources career serving with well-known nonprofits in the States. Ellysa holds a Bachelor of Science in General Science with a Philosophy minor from Fordham University. She also holds a Master of Science in Human Resource Management and Development from NYU SPS. She completed her SHRM-SCP certification in June 2022.


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