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Transformative Healing on a Deeper Level

About Requel Lopes

Embrace Change, Unlock Growth: Your Journey to Purposeful Living

Join me, Requel, on a journey of self-discovery and growth. As an ontological coach, acupuncture professional, and certified breathworker, I’m here to guide you toward a harmonious life.

My path in health and wellness weaves insights into the human experience, blending ancient acupuncture wisdom with modern ontological coaching for a holistic approach.

As your ontological coach, I dive deep into your dreams, fears, and the patterns that shape your reality. This journey aligns every part of your life with your true self.

Empathy and active listening drive my approach. Whether you’re navigating entrepreneurship or seeking fulfillment, I provide unwavering support and personalized guidance.

More than a coach, I’m your transformation partner. Together, we’ll create a space where authenticity thrives, possibilities expand, and growth unfolds naturally. Your journey is a masterpiece, and I’m here to light each step.


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