Rachel Haga

I support women in caring professions in building meaningful personal and professional lives.

About Rachel Haga

I work with women in caring professions who are navigating the complexities of building a meaningful personal and professional life. I especially enjoy supporting women through transition points where the balance of work and life feels non-existent: changing family responsibilities, changing work responsibilities, stepping away from work, and returning to work.


I offer individual coaching for women as you’re facing these challenge moments, and I also enjoy building community through group coaching opportunities. So many women carry heavy loads of responsibilities, and so many of us are missing the village and being able to give and take from a community of support. I feel called to help us find our villages.


As a coach, I provide the accountability and structure as well as the space we so rarely carve out for ourselves to do deep reflection, and I do so with compassion and excitement for the life that is waiting for you on the other side of your challenge.


Pro Bono and Low Bono Coach

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