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As a dedicated coach specializing in life, career, leadership, executive coaching, and wellness coaching.  I am driven by my passion for enabling individuals and organizations to unlock their potential and achieve their goals. Guided by the coaching philosophy of the International Coaching Federation, my approach is grounded in a deep understanding of individual needs and aspirations. My diverse background in labor and employee relations, human resource management, leadership development, and equal employment opportunity equips me to understand and navigate the unique challenges and opportunities inherent in the professional landscape. Having worked extensively with nonprofit organizations, I’ve offered strategic coaching towards effective leadership and staff development. Fostering individual growth for staff and leadership  is a passion that resonates strongly with my mission. Drawing on my rich career as a seasoned and retired federal human resources professional, I provide insightful coaching, consultation, and training in various human resource programs. This experience allows me to make a meaningful impact on the client. I am committed to empowering individuals and teams to excel, offering coaching that inspires and propels individuals to thrive in complex and dynamic settings. With a firm belief in the potential of individuals and organizations, I am committed to facilitating success and growth.


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