Questions To Ask During A Pro Bono Coaching Or Low Bono Coaching Fit Call

To prepare for a fit call, be ready to share the challenges and opportunities that you’d like to address through Pro Bono coaching or Low Bono Coaching. Be transparent and honest with your potential coach and see how well they can answer your questions. One of the indicators of success working with a coach is how much you like and trust them – so follow your gut!

Consider how the coach responds to your situation and have them walk through questions similar to below.

Questions for your potential coach:


      • How might you approach working with a client like me? 
      • What’s an example of someone you’ve worked with on a similar challenge/opportunity? 
      • What’s your coaching style/philosophy?
      • What attracted you to become a coach?
      • What else have you done professionally in addition to coaching?
      • Tell me about your program logistics. 
      • How often will we meet? How long are the sessions? How many weeks is your program?
      • Will the sessions be via video call or in person? 
      • What happens if I miss a session?
      • How will we communicate if there is a last-minute schedule change?
      • What does your coaching agreement contain?  Can you send me a copy?
      • Using the Authenticship sliding scale, how much is your coaching rate given my financial situation?

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